“Mohbad’s wife allegedly had intimate relations with Marlian boys” DNA required as people demands

Kemi Olunloyo, a controversial investigative journalist, has claimed that Mohbad’s wife has had sexual encounters with Marlian boys in the past.

Kemi Olunloyo has turned to Twitter to ask sympathizers and well-wishers to stop contributing money to Mohbad’s wife.

Mohbad with his female companion. Instagram is the source of the image.

According to her, the kid’s DNA must be tested to see if the child is related to the late Mohbad. Kemi believes that the child may not be Mohbad’s because his wife reportedly had sexual intercourse with the guys in the Marlian household.

“Stop DONATING money to Mohbad’s wife Wunmi till her child’s DNA is tested. Her video trying to attack an NDLEA agent was posted here last night. Celebrity supporting her pls STFU. I’m only concerned with Mohbad’s music estate and she’s allegedly had sexual relations with most of the males in the Marlian house. Anyone trying to sue me is HIDING something.”

“Also why was Wunmi in the car with Mohbad’s dead body and the quack nurse arrested? Where were they going to? Not a mortuary but to a casket seller to bury Mohbad by midnight which was declined by their community leader. The child does not even look like any of them.”

“Channel that energy in fighting for the Records Danny Boy

How about sangering my as well as streaming revenues and download. Monbod is worth 1.38 as of today and the 58 best selling digital artist. Graney entries closed September 15th and he died on the 12th tot 3 day span ini Marey win onuit he entered his allour was BULLIED by Nigeria. Now the money keeps pinup. The only cenon egale for that money in his estates TRUST FUND for any dependiorts DNA TESTS must dont on everyone including Sam Larry, Naina Marley and Mahbau who DNA can be tracted during wutosy Even other lades are gearing up their poterity claims. The estate should not be torded over to the params, Seys and missing, possibly for her own safety.

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Daniel Regha had to go against the demands that Mohbad’s wife should do DNA test for the child.

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