Mohbad’s song “Peace” is currently at the top on Apple music Nigerian with 5 others in top 10

Mohbad’s songs are really making waves all around the world just after his death.

“Peace “ by Mohbad is currently number one on Apple Music Nigeria . 5 of his songs are on the top 10 hits in Nigeria .

Now this is where it gets scary , Dagrin experienced this and just few days ago we saw his mum crying that since he died they have received nothing from all the Royalties made . Hope the right steps are being taken so that Mohbad’s wife and kid get to benefit from this cus very soon the public will forget him and focus on recent happenings .

Yes it’s a crazy world , people forget you no matter how big you were . This is one of the reasons why you should live your life to the fullest . When was the last time you remembered Queen Elizabeth of England that died 2 years ago ? You see, everyone gets forgotten.

As an artiste or any entertainer , the music industry is dirty , make sure you always make plans , decide on who gets what when you are gone . This is not you wishing yourself dead but that is you being realistic .

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