Mohbad’s life after death: His 28th posthumous birthday

Mohbad’s life after death: His 28th posthumous birthday

The life of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, often referred to as Mohbad or Imole (Light), serves as evidence for the proverb that states that death is not the end but rather the start of a new life.

In a way, his untimely death on September 12, 2023, marked a comeback for his music career and notoriety. Mohbad’s narrative has a little diversion despite the appearance that it follows the pattern of rappers who rose to fame and economic success following untimely deaths.

Mohbad was not known to be a gangster, in contrast to other rappers who rose to fame after passing away.

The “revelations” that followed Mohbad’s passing and the ensuing hatred and indignation nearly brought about societal unrest in Nigeria.

His demise became contentious after a video of well-known socialite and Marlian Music CEO Naira Marley’s colleague Samson Balogun, also known as Sam Larry, and others were shown disturbing the late rapper’s video shoot in Lagos went viral.

Thousands of angry young people took to social media to mock Sam Larry, his partner, and Mohbad’s estranged record label head, Naira Marley, alleging they were to blame for the rapper’s passing.

After a letter from Mohbad alerting the Nigeria Police Force about the danger to his life appeared online, the youngsters’ wrath grew more intense.

But in a statement, the Nigeria Police Force’s Lagos Annex Force Criminal Investigation Department said that it was unable to respond to Mohbad’s petition since he had refused to appear and adopt, defend, and offer proof for the accusations he had made.

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Oluniyi Ogundeyi, the Police Public Relations Officer at FCID Annex in Lagos, pointed out that after Mohbad did not appear to defend his case, a lawyer representing Sam Larry and the other accused also filed a counterpetition against Mohbad, accusing him of defaming his character.

After a public uproar, Naira Marley and Sam Larry were ultimately invited by the police to be questioned. On October 6, 2023, they were charged and remanded for the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death together with two other people.

Nevertheless, a Lagos State Magistrate’s Court subsequently granted them bail.

Another “finding” that caused controversy was the “knowledge” that Mohbad was buried within twenty-four hours after he passed away. A lot of young people were incensed by the horrific finding and demanded that his body be dug up so that an autopsy could be performed to find out why he died.

After passing away, his body was finally dug up for an autopsy, maybe within a week. According to the police, he was placed in the mortuary following the autopsy.

Mohbad's life after death: His 28th posthumous birthday

Soon after it was found that the late rapper and his wife, Omowunmi, had problems, several social media influencers and celebrities wanted a DNA test on Mohbad’s kid, Liam, to determine his genuine paternity. This was the start of a new chapter in the cries for justice for Mohbad.

Along other Nigerians calling for a DNA test on his grandson, Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, emphasised that the test had to be conducted in his presence.

Mrs. Promise Aloba, the mother of Mohbad and a 15-year divorcee, remained mute about the matter.

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Later, his wife Omowunmi agreed that their kid should have a DNA test and that it ought to be done both in Nigeria and outside.

Wunmi revealed at the Coroner’s Inquest into her husband’s death in November that Mohbad had passed away long before he was formally pronounced dead as a result of prior instances of bullying, psychological distress, and the NDLEA’s arrest.

Mohbad's life after death: His 28th posthumous birthday

She said that just before he passed away, the singer got into an argument with his buddy Owodunni Ibrahim, also known as Prime Boy.

She clarified that he was hurt during the battle and passed away following a nurse’s injection. She mentioned that Mohbad had been receiving treatment from the same nurse for two years.

In October, Primeboy was listed as wanted by the Lagos State Police Command, and a N1 million bounty was placed on his head.

Less than 24 hours after he was declared sought, Primeboy surrendered himself in.

But in an interview before to surrendering himself up, Primeboy revealed a number of things, including that Mohbad’s wife is allegedly attempting to frame him.

In addition, he said that the police had misrepresented their invitation to speak with him over the death of the rapper Mohbad, stating that he needed to “explain myself at the station because they started accusing me wrongly” before learning on the internet that he had been placed under arrest.

Mohbad Lives On!

One may argue that Mohbad’s passing was revolutionary. His passing raised awareness of the “hidden costs” of the contracts that “desperate” young musicians had with record labels.

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It also encouraged other famous people to stand up and get treatment for psychological problems like depression.

Simultaneously, Mohbad ruled social media trend lists and international music streaming services in Nigeria. Candlelight processions were organised in his memory in places he had never visited, and he received tributes from people he admired. His image was shown in the well-known New York Times Square.

Additionally, Mohbad made a posthumous appearance in songs by Ivorian-British artist Afro B and Nigerian singer Chike.

Unfortunately, the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s death has not been resolved even after four months have passed. The results of the autopsy that was performed three months ago have not yet been made public, the police have not yet revealed the results of their questioning of the auxiliary nurse who injected Mohbad, Naira Marley, Sam Larry, Primeboy, and others, and the Coroner Inquest has not yet produced its report.

Despite the demands of certain celebrities and admirers, his remains has not yet been reburied or given a “befitting” funeral.

Even his son Liam’s DNA test results have not yet been released, despite early promises from some Nigerians to fund it.

On January 3, Mohbad would have turned 28 today. Imole, happy posthumous birthday!



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