“Miss Menzies I will gladly stay after the class”_Fans Reacts As Pictures of Lulu Menziwa in class will surely cause chaos(see Photos)

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These Pictures of Lulu Menziwa in class will surely cause chaos… If they don’t cause chaos with the students, they will surely cause chaos with her fans on Instagram. The curvy teacher from KZN shared these amazing pictures and had this to say –Pictures aren’t doing justice on this look lol .. ngimhle

From that caption, Lulu Menziwa knows she is fine and we totally agree with her especially after seeing these amazing pictures of her… her fashion sense is on point and I wonder how the other teacher at that KZN school feel when they see her looking all gorgeous!

The big question most of us are asking is… who took those pictures? Was it a student? Or it was one of the teachers? Either way, most of her 346K Instagram fans seemed to be in love with the pictures… One of the fans had this to say…scizo100 –





Hot Teacher That Will Have You Begging For Detention. Yes, Miss Menzies I’ll gladly stay after class…

The other question most of us are asking is, which school in KZN does Lulu Menziwa teach? It’s the question we need answers to and once we get them we will surely share them with you… Personally, I would like to talk to one of the students and find out how the class is every other day.

Remember in 2019 when Lulu Menziwa got in trouble because of her pictures… Lulu holds a BSc in Education Management Degree and a Masters Degree in Mathematics so we already know she is a very good teacher but we can’t help but wonder if the students are not distracted even just a little bit… especially looking like this:

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Her clothes are always form-fitting and will surely make everyone want to look twice or maybe trice who knows. To complete her look in those amazing pants, Lulu Menziwa’s shoes will make you forget those glass shoes Cinderella wore… That is why we thought these pictures of the 30-year-old Lulu Menziwa in class will surely cause chaos! She looks even finer when she is not at work!

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