“Men are the reason why there’s increasing number of women doing BBL” – Caramel Plugg declares (Video)

Popular influencer, Caramel Plugg has opined that men are to be blamed for the increasing number of women doing BBL surgery.

She said this in the BTS Reality podcast while speaking on why women do BBL.

Men are the cause of the increasing number of women doing BBL

The show anchor had asserted that some women go for the cosmetic surgery because they feel that they would become more attractive and men would chase after them.
Speaking, Caramel Plugg said that a lot of men are always after women who have increased their bum, and when a woman has undergone the procedure to increase her behind, men may not want her.
According to her, men are the ones causing it since women do BBL because men are indirectly making them feel less by choosing women who have done the surgery.

Watch her speak:


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