Kurt Zouma cat incident Shouldn’t be treated badly.

Kurt Zouma is a popular French footballer currently playing his trade at Westham United.

He was actually seen in a video when he kicked his cat, the act might be wrong but should it be treated badly than some of the worst act like racial abuse that is common in the word of football?



According to one of the RSPCA spokesperson, “Two cats are in our care, have been seen by a vet and are being well looked after,” and that was on Thursday.

A lot of people came out criticizing him for doing that, More than 150,000 people have signed an online petition calling for Zouma to be prosecuted, while one of West Ham’s sponsors, Vitality, has suspended its deal with the Hammers.

He’s also been fined two weeks’ wages by the Hammers, around £250,000, the Adidas took their boot deal from him.

All of this are already a lot, he did apologized for his action anyway but I personally think that all of what has happened should not go unpunished main while, the punishment should be moderate.

Popular figure like the former Arsenal Footballer Paul Merson. He went as far and calling the act a stupid one but still went to defend the Westham manager, David Moes for playing the French defender, which implies that the offence is forgivable and can be dealt with moderately.

Deschamps is the latest high-profile footballing figure to criticize the France international, although he insists it will not have an impact on his selection policy which is still inline with David Moes decision for playing him still.

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I would like everyone to see it from this perspective that cases like racism should be treated like that or even more than that because we human are so much important, come to think of the fact that most people criticizing Zouma’s act are hypocrite, how?

Adidas are using animal skin for their football boot and Kangaroo specifically, whereas other people condemning him are using leather belts, bags and shoes.

All of these animal would have to be killed before they can be used for making any of those wears.

Let racism be taken more seriously that anything in the world of football, I am just saying.


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