Khosi turns people’s head in traditional Zulu outfit (Video)

The winner of the first edition of the BBTitans show, Khosi Twala, causes a stir as she rocks a traditional Zulu outfit.

khosi zulu

Khosi wowed many as she took to Instagram to roll out stunning photos while sharing a snapshot of her post from 2020 referring to herself as a princess.

“My name is (Makhosazane) means Princess for short. (Khosi) means King in Sesotho. Some of us are meant to be royalty,” she wrote.

Khosi turns heads in traditional Zulu outfit (Video)

Fans and well-wishers gushed over the beauty of the reality star while others confused her looks with that of Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown.

Reactions Trailing Zulu attire of Khosi

Ozybest wrote: “Walai I thought it’s James brown the two looks so much alike.”

Goitsegabo noted: “King Khosi Khokho Khontent the winner 🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥😍😍.”

Maemfosua49 added: “Double standard okokosisi fans tell me the bible verse that says’ be naked n expose your body in cultural dress’ If I hear anybody from from this camp condehmi8 n judging Blue again 👀 At the end of the day both ended up on Internet so stop justifying one n slot shaming the other.”

Dideiscoco wrote: “It’s how I see woman body Shame for me!!! Really! Can you create one! Let’s accept that men should do their thing but women………”

Watch the video below …

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