Kate Henshaw Shouts, Jumps on Chidi Mokeme As They Reunite in Video

Kate Henshaw Shouts, Jumps on Chidi Mokeme As They Reunite in Video

According to Chidi Mokeme, he and Kate Henshaw have been friends for over thirty years, long before they became models in Nollywood. Mokeme has been in the country since his most recent film, Shanty Town, debuted on Netflix, and he is currently working on another with Kate as a co-star.

In the video, the actor and his pal reconnected like small kids, running into each other’s arms and shouting to show their joy. Mokeme hoisted the actress who was straddling him by the waist, and when she finally placed her foot down, they swiftly kissed.

The Nollywood actors raved over one other almost oblivious to the camera, revealing that it had been much too long since they had met physically.

“So here I was, in my corner, mentally putting finishing touches to this my character on the set of RUTHLESS. And from the corner of my eyes, who did I see? Our life matron, The Grand Commander of the Fit Fam Vampire Club, the most ageless of them all, the most energetic free spirit to walk this realm. The K8GGR8, The Advok8, OluwaKate, One And Only @k8henshaw And You can see how excited I was.

No be today. We’ve known each other, and been friends and colleagues since our Modelling days over 30years ago. Way before Nollywood as we know it. And this is what happens when we jam together on the same set to make magic. Both of us are cooking some fresh characters that you are guaranteed to love. Stay Tuned.”

Chidi Mokeme finally explains why he avoided the spotlight.

With the film Shanty Town, the movie star had a great comeback, and he addressed the question on everyone’s lips.

Chidi Mokeme, who is currently working on another project, claimed on Channels TV’s Rubbin Minds that he was off the entertainment scene following the tour of the last film in which he appeared.

He then revealed, for the first time, that he had Bell’s palsy, a disorder that causes one side of the face to droop.

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