Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla boasts of ‘strong woman’ trait in her mum and their family

Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of the renowned Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo boasts about a ‘strong woman’ trait in her family while idolizing her mother.

During an interview with media personality Jermaine, Priscilla shares the most significant lesson she has learned from her mother.

Priscilla iyabo ojo's daugther
Brand influencer and daughter of veteran actress, Priscilla Ojo. Credit: Its.priscy / Instagram.

She disclosed that she has never experienced depression, attributing it to her heritage as a strong woman.

Describing her mother as a powerful figure, Priscilla expressed how she has never witnessed Iyabo Ojo shed a tear, and from her, she acquired the ability to be strong.

In her word,

“I wouldn’t say I was depressed at any point because I feel like we came from a lineage of strong women. I am very strong, my mum is very strong. I have never seen my mum cry. We have never had moments when we are crying.

Veteran actress and mother of Priscilla, Iyabo Ojo. Credit: Iyaboojofespris / Instagram.

“We are very strong, my mother is very strong and I learned from her. Even when I go through something, she can never see me down. We have that spirit of… that energy of not in this house. I can be on my bed crying, once she comes in, I am dancing and she knows.

“But that’s the thing about my mum, when I am down she knows but you wouldn’t see her come to say sorry. She will even cheer me up to go to the club,” she said.

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