Iyabo Ojo mourns as late mum misses out on her new love life with an Igbo man

Iyabo Ojo, who is a single mother of two children, an actress, and a businesswoman, has thought about her late mother and shed tears over her absence, particularly now that her love life is gradually falling into place as desired.

Iyabo Ojo, who just recently revealed that she is in love with an Igbo Man, shed tears as she posted a video of her late mother on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “It’s been two years since you left me………….. On God!!! I have missed you, and I shall continue to miss you always, mama…… If you had been here to witness your daughter fall in love again after so many years, you would have told me that you wished I had been here to tell you about it.

That was your biggest hope and worry for me; thank you, mother, for all of your prayers and words; they are all coming to pass, and I know that you’ll always be shining down on me from heaven. That was your greatest wish and worry for me.

My number one supporter, my prayer warrior, my guardian angel; I love you with all of my heart, mother, and I will always look up to you. Iyabo Ojo is the author.

Kemi Filani recalls that on November 21, 2020, the entire Yoruba film industry was put into a state of shock and sadness following the unexpected death of Mrs. Victoria Olubunmi Fetuga, the mother of actor Iyabo Ojo.

When she passed away peacefully in her sleep, Mrs. Victoria Olubunmi Fetuga had reached the age of 67.

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Iyabo Ojo opens up on dating a married Igbo man

Earlier in the week, actress Iyabo Ojo addressed the widespread misunderstanding that she was engaging in a love relationship with a married Igbo guy.

Iyabo Ojo

In response to a question from a fan about who she is dating now, the stunning actress, successful businesswoman, and single mother clarified this information.

“My new man is not someone’s husband” Actress Iyabo Ojo replied to the curious fan who asked “hope he is not a married man”

Kemi Filani recalls that Iyabo Ojo hinted at being in a relationship hours ago when in an Instagram post credited her mystery lover for her glowing skin and happiness.

She stated that she has finally been captured by an Igbo man.

Appreciating him, she thanked him for loving her so much and for lifting her spirit.

“Thanks, Obim for loving me so much & lifting my spirit…. Chai this Yoruba girl’s heart had finally been captured by an Igbo man”.

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