“It is wrong for a man not to have a house in his name before marriage” Actress Lilian Afegbai (Video)

Her potential suitor must have a house and car and must be able to meet her basic needs.

“I am not looking for a billionaire. I am looking for a comfortable guy, be able to do basic things. Comfortable for me means have a house, and car”.

Lilian Afegbai slams men who depend on women

Lilia has previously made snide remarks about men.

According to a story from Kemi Filani news, Lilian Afegbia criticized males who settle down with women who are financially secure and take advantage of them.

The actress criticized why, unlike when they are married and she steps in to help until the man gets back on his feet, a woman will pay the bills of a man she is not married to in a post shared on Instagram.

The actress claims that a man who cannot match a woman’s financial status will take advantage of her and look for a classmate who will respect and value what little he has to offer.

The actress wrote: “I can never understand a woman that pays a man’s bill. It’s different if you guys are married and things go bad where you have to step in and help till he get back on his feet”.

“But paying his rent and all, men have pride they will carry your money and give to that girl who would respect and appreciate them for the little they do… A man who’s comfortable with a woman paying his bills is a vegetable”.

“No matter how much you think a woman has, as a man you should take care of her no matter how little you can afford. That’s you keeping your pride”.

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Lilian sternly warns potential suitors

Lilian Afegbia issued a stern warning to her followers on social media a few months ago.

The actress advised her followers not to disturb her because sex is not the only thing that keeps relationships and marriages together in a post on her Instagram page.

The actress who claimed that sex is overrated asserts that if she is not currently successful, no admirer will want to be in a relationship with her.

The post reads: Don’t come around me, if you don’t have your shirt together, if I wasn’t looking good and working hard to take care of myself. You won’t want me, so if you are not coming to add value to my life and career. Take several seats, sex is overrated.

If that’s all you have to offer, then keep it to yourself. We are getting older and wiser, women are doing so much more that sometimes I tell myself “You Can Do Better”. So don’t come to my space if you are not going to add value

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