“is one parent that Born Him fah” Big Boy Publicly Embarrassed For Living Lavishly Online While Allegedly Owing $16k (Video)

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A Nigerian guy in Winnipeg, Canada accosted a prominent Snapchat user for being in debt and still engaging in extravagant spending.

He asserted that the wealthy internet user borrowed $16,000 from him and has been avoiding him in an effort to avoid paying it back.

The borrower apprehended the debtor while he was relaxing in a public area and made a demand for the money he owed.

By recording the big boy, he hoped to reveal to everyone that he portrays a false life on social media

In a video that appeared online, the social media big boy was seen acting remarkably composed while lounging on a sofa in a living room, all the while his friend was yelling at him.

He was unable to provide the young man with a satisfactory response as he kept requesting him to send a portion of the $16,000.

He questioned whether the man lacked the funds in his account to settle his loan.

Watch the video below:

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