Is Officiating Fair To Arsenal In EPL This Season?

We have seen in the recent time on the social media that so many football fans across the globe and most especially the EPL followers complained about Arsenal getting booked too easily.

The Gunners are either being booked for what they deserved to be booked for or what they don’t deserve to be booked for.

It’s not just booking them now but some decision against them that should not stand ordinarily but stood, such as goal against them and foul against them that was not even considered.

This has been the situation since the time of Arsene Wenger but his team was just too good that it was hardly noticed but now that the team is in rebuilding process, things like that can easily be noticed as they keep dropping point.

If all of those decision has been in the Gunner’s favor, then maybe by now they will be sitting in the top 4 conveniently.

The latest of all was against Brentford when Jon Moss waved away four strong penalty claims for Arsenal against Brentford at the weekend, in another refereeing performance that frustrated supporters.

Ben White and Alexandre Lacazette were brought down in the box within seconds of each other in the first half, before Yoane Wissa blocked a shot with his arm, but nothing was given for the three incidents.

In the second half, substitute Nicolas Pepe was brought down as he dribbled past a Brentford man in the box.  Again, the referee ignored the appeals.

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Speaking after the game, former referee Dermot Gallagher defended the first two decisions, suggesting it was just a case of both sets of players reaching for the ball. But he disagreed with Jon Moss on the handball call.

The problem with the EPL officials is that when it comes to making decision with Arsenal they are too quick to make conclusion because they will not even bother to check VAR as long as it is a call that will favor Arsenal.

The match against Brentford at the Emirate there was a call for penalty on different occasions, hand ball in the Bees 18 yard, the ref did not even bother to check the VAR, if the VAR is not going to be checked, then what’s the use?

However, the moment Brentford had a goal and there was an offside call by the Arsenal defenders and the lines man, the ref went straight to the VAR and awarded a goal after some people in charge of the VAR spoke to him.

Many people believed that the EPL refs are bias, not professional enough and that they use double standard when it comes to some team they don’t really fancy.

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3 Comments on “Is Officiating Fair To Arsenal In EPL This Season?”

    1. Of course Kelvin, but it seems to be they are untouchable.
      If there is a standing rule that will make referees pay for any of their wrong decision, then they will seriously adjust.

  1. Officiating is really bad generally but it has not been fair for Arsenal at all this season and that’s one of the reasons they didn’t make top four on the EPL table.

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