Is Fernandinho To Leave Manchester City By End Of The Season?

The Manchester City club captain has not been getting playing time and that is always a serious concern for most the professional footballers out there, they just want to play.

Fernandinho stunned Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola by expressing his decision to leave the club during a pre-match news conference ahead of Wednesday night’s Champions League quarter-final second leg against Atletico Madrid.

Despite expressing a wish to play more frequently, the City captain’s contract expires in the summer, and he has declared that he will not be returning to the Etihad after this season.
He responded, “I’d love to play.” I want to be able to play regularly.

He said “I’ll go back to Brazil,” I’ve told my family, “since it’s the most important thing to me and my family.”

Guardiola was caught aback by the revelation when it came time for him to talk to the media, and he claimed the situation will be addressed after the season.
“It’s up to you to bring me the news update.”

The narrator says, “We’ll see what happens.” What will happen, I have no notion. He’s quite important. I’ll look at his situation.”

Fernandinho is enjoying a beautiful spell with Man City, after winning four Premier League titles and six League Cups since signing from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2013.

His final start was in the Titleholders Association round of 16-moment leg encounter against Wearing Lisbon last month, but Guardiola insisted that his club captain still had a significant role to perform for his team. “The role he plays this season-I a touch, exactly like the individuals that keep it up behind the scenes,” Guardiola remarked in a Sky Sports report.

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“I know what he’s done; behind me, he handles a number of our guys and stars for the benefit of the platoon.”


I recommended him, and he was there when I arrived. Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne, John Monuments, and a slew of more players. “We’ve known him since day one, and he’s been a standout performer for Man City.

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