Independent journalist, David Hundeyin revisits the Cubana club shooting from 2022 involving Burna Boy

Independent journalist, David Hundeyin revisits the Cubana club shooting from 2022 involving the Afrobeats singer, Burna Boy.

It would be recalled that the singer had an altercation with a group after reportedly making three attempts to invite a lady from the group to his table. The altercation led to a shootout at Cubana club leaving two victims from the group injured.

burna boy
Self-acclaimed African giant, Burna Boy. Credit: Burnaboygram / Instagram

A year after the incident, the controversial journalist, David Hundeyin clashed with a fan of Burna Boy who called his investigative journalism a fraud.

In response, Hundeyin did an exposé on the singer’s club shooting; including information that weren’t initially made public.

David Hundeyin
Independent investigativ journalist, David Hundeyin. Credit: DavidHundeyin / Twitter.

In a lengthy thread, Hundeyin alleged that Burna Boy had a gun on him during the altercation, and ran out of the country duirn the heat of the case. He further noted that he paid off the victims and after which they signed a gag order, restricting them from sharing information or comment publicly.

David Hundeyin ‘s exposé on Burna Boy’s Cubana club shooting

“I have you people’s time this night since Burna Boy himself is too dumb to tell you wastes of space to leave me alone for his own sake. And before his lawyers develop any ideas, I am at liberty to do this – Irebami and Tolu may have signed an NDA, but I didn’t. You pushed me.

“The images above are of the bullet hole left in the thigh of Irebami Lawrence on the night of June 8, during an altercation with Burna Boy’s posse, as was widely reported. The night started this way.

David Hundeyin revisits Cubana club shooting, reveals damning evidences

“…And ended with 2 men getting shot because Burna Boy’s fragile ego couldn’t take no for an answer when he tried 3 times to get another man’s fiancee to come to his table.

“You probably know all this already. What you don’t know is that the victims testified to me that they saw Burna Boy waving a gun during the altercation, along with at least 2 other members of his posse. I recorded these conversations. Here’s the first one

“Here’s the second conversation. I’m sorry if Tomiwa and Irebami didn’t want this out there, but I am tired of Burna Boy’s brain-dead fans casting aspersions on my credibility because they cannot accept that a musician they like is a giant flaming asshole.

“The 2 victims also identified at least 2 members of the posse whom they saw waving guns during the incident. Here they are, including one of them who was such a moron that he uploaded the gun to his Instagram story a few minutes later

“I spoke to several firearms experts who confirmed that the gun in the picture is a Glock 19 handgun, whose ammunition profile is consistent with that of the size of the holes made in the iPhone and Irebami’s thigh in the opening tweet.

“Odogwu immediately left the country, and 3 innocent cops were used as scapegoats for a crime they could not have committed (they were not inside the club, and the NPF does not issue Glock 19’s). While he was tweeting nonsense, his father was begging the victims on his behalf.

“Of course I reached out to his management for comment, and the cowards pretended not to see my message. Then he blocked me on Twitter.

Why haven’t you heard all of this before? Because he PAID THEM TO KEEP QUIET AFTERWARD! I was waiting for the victim to give me the ballistics report from America, only for them to inform me that they reached a settlement with your Odogwu that included a gagging order.

“For a whole year I have kept quiet and stomached insults from people who are not qualified to be my driver, out of respect for the victims who decided to accept the gagging order. Tonight, you people have finally pushed me to do what I wasn’t going to do. Congratulations.”

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