“I’m Not Looking For A Billionaire, I’m Only Looking For A Comfortable Man To Marry” – Actress Lilian Cries For Love

In a recent interview, well-known Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai described the kind of guy she hopes to marry. In a recent video, she made it known that she is not searching for a millionaire but rather a guy who is content in his life.

She admitted that, while she used to say she was looking for a wealthy man to marry, her attitude has changed as a result of the fact that she is currently earning less money and is not yet a millionaire. This has caused her to be honest with herself and to begin looking for a man who is financially secure in life.

In the statement she made during the interview, she said, “I’m not looking for a billionaire; I’m only looking for a comfortable man to marry.” “I’m making little money, not that I’m a millionaire, so I have to be honest with myself.”

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