I will Soon be Gone and The Whole Will Miss Me, Please Celebrate Me Now – Popular Singer Kizz Daniel Stir Reaction With Cryptic Message

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Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel has caused fear among his followers by upsetting them by saying that the music business will miss him when he passes away.

Some worried admirers who responded to the musician’s cryptic statement claimed they believed the singer was prophesying his demise, according to the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper.

Daniel, whose songs Buga and Cough have dominated radio stations both domestically and abroad, is frustrated with the way that Nigerian celebrities are not recognized by their peers until they pass away.

This is taking place in the wake of the passing of gospel performer Sammie Okposo, whose photographs immediately swept over social media sites despite not receiving the same kind of recognition when he was alive.

The Buga musician uploaded a clip of an Anglican priest singing his well-known song Cough during a worship service.

Daniel wrote in the video caption, “Celebrate me now that I’m alive.” This industry will miss me when I leave.

On the other side, his supporters admonished him and wished him a long life so that he might keep amusing people with his talent.

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