‘I will cheat on my husband’ – Actress Diva Gold reveals conditions that will make her marry a rich unfaithfulness partner

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rapid ascent Aluko Gold, a.k.a. Diva Gold, a Nigerian actress and skit maker, has claimed that her large breasts are a gift from God.

“Being busty is a blessing. God’s blessing can’t be a disadvantage. I should be grateful. I have what many women want,” she told Punch.

Urging women in abusive marriages to leave and save their lives, she said, “Such women should leave before they lose their lives. This applies to men too. Walk away alive for your sanity and for the sake of your kids, if you have any.”

Asked if an actor had ever been aroused while acting an intimate scene with her, she said, “Does it really happen? No, I haven’t experienced it. I have had the opportunity to work with professional actors.”

On if she could cope with a rich man who cheats on her, Gold said, “Are we going to be cheating on each other? If we are, then that’s fine. But if we are not, I am sorry I am not too moved by money. My mental health comes first. I will rather date a random guy who is faithful.”

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