“I was scared to release my album Timeless”

Popular afrobeat and dancehall artist Davido has revealed that he had fears on releasing his new album, Timeless”.


According to Davido, he felt that his latest album ‘Timeless’ was his last chance to deliver an acceptable album. Speaking as a guest on the recent episode of +44 podcast, Davido said he felt he would either be broken or pull through with his 17-track album.

Davido disclosed he told his team to leave one hour before his album was released, prayed and then slept. When he woke up after over 3hours, he got scared because he didn’t see anyone celebrating his album.

This is me telling myself the truth; this album was either going to make me or break me. People don’t want to say it to me in my face. But everybody knows the truth about the situation that is happening in their life whether they want to lie to them or not.

“There were situations when I was recording this album I was like ‘mehn! I’m going to go like this, I’m going to go like this?’

“So, when I slept and I woke up, my phone was not with me, so I was going crazy. I sent everybody away an hour before the album came out, I did my prayers, I laid down on my bed and slept. I now over slept.

“I wanted to just sleep for like one hour thirty minutes so that we will celebrate. I now over slept. Woke up by 3am. I said ‘Ye!’. I was looking for my phone because I have a big suite. I went to the living room, but there wasn’t anybody in my room celebrating. I was scared like ‘wettin dey happen na?’. “So, I ran downstairs and I banged my assistant’s door ‘what’s going on, what’s going on?’. He said ‘Oga, take your phone, congratulations’.”

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