I Really Love Be@ting, If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Be@t Me A Day, I Will Be So sick – Nigerian Lady reveals (Photos)

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A Nigerian woman who went by the name Lopex Morrissa on Facebook that she enjoys her partner beating her so hard that she becomes concerned if he doesn’t do it for a day.

She refers to her boyfriend’s pounding as “love beating” and claims that it solidifies their bond. These are the Facebook posts that Lopex Morrissa made that really astounded and astonished the Nigerian online community!

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“I Love Beating Infact Beating Is My Medicine, If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Beat Me A Day, I Will Be So Nervous Throughout That Day” She went on to throw More light on her “Love Beating”.

Here is her exact statement on Facebook.

Lady’s wig catches fire as she is dancing with her birthday cake
While celebrating her birthday, a woman from Ghana experienced a fire hazard, which gave her the shock of her life.

A popular video captured the woman dancing with her birthday cake when her wig caught fire. She was unaware that the fire started since it was caused by the sparklers on her cake.

Her neighbors immediately notified her about the fire and made an effort to put it out. She was fortunate enough to escape the collision without any damage.

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