I heard you insulted Fela -Portable attacks Peter Okoye

Controversial artist Portable has waded into the online banter between Peter Okoye also known as Mr. P and Seun Kuti.

Yesterday, Peter Okoye and Seun Kuti clashed on social media after Seun made a comment about the Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi. He described Peter Obi as an opportinist. This comment from Seun Kuti did not sit well with Peter Okoye who in turn lambasted the singer.

Mr P took to Instagram to state that his colleague had wiped away his father’s history.

He said: “Dude just erased his father’s history! You said only the people of Nigeria can save Nigeria! Is PO and the rest of the candidates not the Nigerian people? Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! So disappointed”.

However, Portable has taken to his Instagram page to berate Peter Okoye over his comment. According to him, anyone who disrespects Fela Kuti disrespects him. He rained curses on Peter Okoye amidst threats.

Describing himself as young Fela, he said: “I go by name, portable of Africa, Anikuleti, Young Fela. Ogun kill you, You say wetin. I hear say you dey insult Fela Kuti, You wey be say you and your family still dey alive and una no still blow.”

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