How to make a married man divorce his wife for you – Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro reveals secret with side chics

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Popular relationship expert Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has provided advice on how side girls might work toward becoming wives.

She claimed that the sole benefit a married man would have from his side chic is why he would continue to stay married.

Blessing claimed in a video she released online that the trick is for mistresses to deny their sugar daddies intimacy and anything else they provide him that his wife won’t do.

She claimed that if they could deprive a married man of the pleasure he gets from being in their bed, he could think about leaving his wife for the mistress.

The Influencer said the reason a lot of women are married today is because of side chics, as the man would not see the need to divorce his wife so long as his mistress satisfies his urges.

Blessing CEO urged side chics to know their power because no matter how often a married man promises to leave his wife, he would never do that.

Watch her speak below:

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