How I react to negative comments about my music – Adesua Etomi spill [Video]

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In a recent interview with Hip TV, Adesua spoke extensively and covered some important topics regarding her new career. Remember that she released her EP “Sue Me” a few weeks ago? That represents a significant accomplishment for her.

Adesua Etomi Wellington, a well-known Nollywood actress and songstress, discusses her foray into music and some difficulties she has faced over time.

As we all know, the movie star keeps dishing out scorching jams and seems unstoppable when it comes to music. She recently released her EP “Sue Me,” which is a major accomplishment for her.

However, the mother of one spoke at length during a recent interview with Hip TV where she discussed some invaluable issues about her new career.

Speaking about what the acceptance of her music has been and how she feels about haters, Adesua said:

“Obviously it’s been half and half. Obviously there are people that appreciate the start of a new journey but I also understand that when people know you doing one thing, it’s kinda hard for them to open their minds to the fact that you’re trying to do something else.

But all these things take time and I am patient enough to win over anybody that needs convincing, and guess what? Not everybody is going to be convinced and that’s okay too. Everybody is not for everybody.”

Speaking about the fact that she’s not the first Nollywood star to enter music and how others didn’t do well at it, Banky W’s wife said:

“What is the classification of not doing well? If you get fulfillment from something, just because it isn’t necessarily a commercial success doesn’t mean you didn’t do well. I know that my music probably won’t be for everybody but I’m also content with that.

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Everybody has their unique sound and their unique audiences and people that everybody loves, some people may not vibe to their music and that’s okay. You’re not meant for everybody and I know that I’m not meant for everybody. I don’t think there’s anybody in this whole world that is meant for everybody.”

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