How Burna Boy risked paying £150k fine by delaying performance at London stadium

Burna Boy, the acclaimed Nigerian musician and Grammy award winner, demonstrated his commitment to perfection during his recent concert at the London stadium.

The head of security at the venue revealed that Burna Boy insisted on a delay in his performance because the backdrop for the stadium was not functioning properly.

How Burna Boy risked paying £150k fine for delaying his performance at London stadium
A photo of Burna boy. Photo Credit: @burnaboygram
Source: Instagram

The delay could have resulted in a hefty fine of £150,000 if it lasted for 30 minutes.

According to the security official, Burna Boy was prepared to take the stage when one of his team members, who was in charge of the stadium lights, encountered difficulties operating the equipment using his laptop.

The lack of a backup laptop exacerbated the situation, as the London stadium operates under a strict curfew.

If the concert exceeded the designated time limit, Burna Boy would have been required to halt his performance, and his promoter would have been obliged to pay a fine of £150,000 for every additional 30 minutes that they exceeded the deadline.

A Nigerian man named Nnamdi, who was attending a course on International Sports Law, shared a video in which the chief security officer explained the incident.

Nnamdi commended Burna Boy for his insistence on perfection rather than compromising with a substandard stage setup.

In the video, the security official emphasized Burna Boy’s meticulousness and how he refused to go on stage until the stadium backdrops were functioning correctly.

He wrote;

Burna such a perfectionist. Having a lecture at the London stadium and the head of security explaining how Burna refused to go on stage on time because the stadium back drops were not working properly risking £150,000 fine for each extra 30.”

See below;

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