Health Safety and Education Scholarship

Health Safety and Education Scholarship


SYB Scholarship – Dr. Martin Blank The Dr. Martin Blank – SYB Scholarship was established to promote under-represented populations to participate in building health, safety, and education by paying the tuition fees of the Building Biology Advocacy (BBA) Program at the Building Biology Institute (a $965 value). The scholarship is financed so that three awards can be made every calendar year. There is no set deadline. Applications are examined as they come in. The winner will be chosen at the discretion of R Blank (Dr. Blank’s son and SYB’s CEO) in consultation with the Building Biology Institute.

Applicants must be: from a community that is disadvantaged by, and lacks equal and sufficient access to, resources relevant to the BBA program; Demonstrate your capacity to communicate with a larger audience in your community (for example, as a podcaster, YouTube channel owner, church or community organization leader); Those under the age of 50; Capable of devoting enough time to complete the tough curriculum in 12 months; Capable of having consistent and dependable internet connectivity. Please keep in mind: This program is accessible to inhabitants of any country; it may be done fully online. There is no need to travel.

The Building Biology Institute (BBI) prepares graduates to apply the information, tools, and skills they gain during their studies to actively examine and solve problems caused by chemical and technology abuse. BBI has always been available to everyone, from working professionals to the general public, and no technical expertise is required to finish the program successfully.

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You must be from one of the following countries:


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You must be studying one of the following:



Building Biology Advocate (BBA) certification is designed for environmentally conscious people from all walks of life. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills to improve your own homes and workplaces, as well as educate others, in this increasingly important area of public health and well-being. BBA certification is also perfect for students and industry professionals looking to supplement their credentials in sectors like as architecture, city planning, green construction, interior and landscape design, Feng Shui, natural health, and medical practice. Building Biology Advocates (BBAs) are qualified in Building Biology theory but not in assessing, identifying, and/or mitigating indoor environmental threats to human health.

Building Biology Practitioners (BBP) are previous graduates of our program, and they are subject to the same limits as our BBAs, as described above.

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