Graham Potter gives honest assessment of where Chelsea are right now

Graham Potter gives honest assessment of where Chelsea are right now

Graham Potter’s noon press conference, as usual, had a late-night embargoed segment published yesterday.

During these portions of the press conference, a coach is frequently questioned on specific topics or asked to go more into circumstances. And for Potter, it was about Chelsea’s current situation and how they are suffering from a string of terrible performances and outcomes.

Potter did well in clarifying that he does not regret leaving Brighton and that if he wanted an easy life, he would have stayed there, but also reaffirming the challenge he knew he was taking on by joining a club like Chelsea, a team with great expectations and pressure to win immediately.

The Englishman feels that they need time to go where they want to go, and that the Chelsea of the previous three years haven’t even gotten there.

“I would think it’s a little unfair to rate Chelsea today because of the change in ownership,” Potter stated, according to Football London. “We’re on a new route and a new direction, and that’s part of the struggle.”

Graham Potter gives honest assessment of where Chelsea are right now

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“If I wanted a pleasant easy life, I could have simply stayed at Brighton, in the Premier League, signed a new deal, and been perfectly OK.” And I wouldn’t have had too many questions about myself, pressure, being fired, or anything else.

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“But one of the reasons to come here, one of many, is that it’s a terrific football club, possibly one of the finest in the world, capable of competing for any major award.” But I think we can all agree that we aren’t there yet, and haven’t been for two, three, or four years. When you look at the league standings and the points disparity between the top two and Chelsea, that is the truth.

“All right, so how do you get there?” That’s hard work, and that’s pain, and that’s suffering, and that’s progress, and that’s learning, and that’s evolving, and that’s simply pushing things ahead – and that’s why we’re here.”

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