“God is Faithful!”_Man shares Transformations photos of Homeless child he found wandering on the streets in Enugu (Photos)

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Man has gotten social media users gushing over the transformation photos of a little boy which he found abandoned on the streets.

Taking to Twitter, the man revealed that he found the 2yr old boy wandering in the streets of Enugu state whereby his mother is Mentally Un-stabled.

He further stated that during this struggle, he took the little boy to the nearest police station but he was told to take him home and clean him up, not only that, he also gave him food surprisingly, the little ate like there was no tomorrow.

Giving updates months later, he shared the before and after photos of himself and the little boy whereby they both looked so Unrecognizeble.

Read his Tweets below

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screenshot 20221129 0648485234908244281034681
screenshot 20221129 0649046477546579275842328
screenshot 20221129 0649217810942144447686147

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