Funny Moment OBO’s lookalike mounts stage, leaves fans confused [Video]

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When Davido’s impersonator took the stage at the fan event and entertained the crowd with his gyrations, it was one of the show’s more interesting moments.

At first, some concertgoers mistook Davido’s appearance for his.

At the Davido Fans Concert in Lagos last night, December 1, was a singer who resembled Davido.

Numerous music icons attended the free performance that was planned by fans; it was undoubtedly a wonderful evening for the concertgoers.

When Davido’s impersonator mounted the stage and enthralled the crowd with his gyrations, it was one of the event’s more intriguing moments.

While Davido’s song was playing, the man who remarkably resembles the singer was seen jumping on stage with other performers.

Some fans present initially thought it was Davido that appeared at the concert.

The young man had trended a few months back due to his appearance. Comedian, Cute Abiola once featured him in one of his skits where humour was served at its peak

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