Falzs shares election advise with youth, names preferred candidate

Nigerian rapper Falz has shared a piece of advice to the youth while naming his preferred candidate as the elections approach.


The rapper has advised the youth on procrastination and making excuses for not casting their votes adding that it is time to decide their fate.

Falz in an online video advised young people to ignore any message of discouragement from anyone from voting but instead focus on the goal of determining who rules. He also endorsed Peter Obi‘s Labour Party describing the party as a “formidable third force”.

He said;

Oya election don come oooo this is my PVC, I’m sure you have yours and you are ready to vote. I don’t want to hear any of that rubbish that my vote will not count, so what’s the point of voting?

Oh God, please nobody should annoy me, this is 2023, with everything we’re going through, if there are still some people saying that, then really and truly I don’t know what is wrong with them.

Somehow, we have been able to gather momentum, unbelievable momentum for this formidable 3rd force. I say to you it is very possible, forget about all those pessimists, all those cynics that are coming to you, all those irresponsible people that apparently love to suffer and want to keep this status quo forget about those people and just focus on the goal.

The goal is that we the people this time around, have decided that we are going to choose who rules us.

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