Falz shares how he was attacked and almost k!lled on a highway in Abuja

Falz shares how he was attacked and almost k!lled on a highway in Abuja

Rapper Falz described how he and his pals were ambushed by armed thieves, which nearly lost him his life.

Falz revealed this during an interview with “Untapped,” in which he indicated that he and two of his pals were involved in an incident on an Abuja highway on November 16, 2013, that ended in the death of their chauffeur.

The rapper described the incident and stated that he and his buddies began saying their last prayers since they believed they would also die.

The incident occurred as they were on their way to an Abuja wedding where Falz was set to play for a fee.

They stated that the customer paid Falz a million dollars to perform at the wedding, making it a high-profile wedding in the North.

They were intending to travel by airline, but because they hadn’t acquired their tickets in time, a friend of his called Sule advised they take the road, which they eventually did.

Falz shares how he was attacked and almost k!lled on a highway in Abuja

However, one of his buddies objected to their travelling the route and requested the rapper to pray before continuing, eradicating the notion because it was daytime.

He and his buddies discussed the driver’s driving technique with him, and he vowed to make improvements, so they fell asleep while driving.

A loud blast jolted them awake, and they noticed a man holding a gun in the middle of the road; it looked he had fired three bullets at their car three times, with the third round striking their driver in the eye.
Falz described the scenario as follows:

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“We see this turban tying, AK47 welding, dangerous-looking men in the middle of the expressway maybe like 5, we could not count; they were directly shooting at our car everything was happening within seconds, so fast from the first bullet coming to us waking up, the second bullet coming to us taking cover, to the third one that hit the driver in the eye.”

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