Excitement As A 13-year-old boy receives a scholarship to study civil engineering in the United State after Building the Borno flyover bridge

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A 13-year-old Nigerian boy has won a scholarship to study civil engineering at a US university for his work replicating the Borno flyover bridge.

In 2021, the imaginative kid known as Musa Sanni made headlines when he used clay soil to construct a copy of a flyover bridge in Borno, North-East, Nigeria.

Omasoro Ovie, a Nigerian, broke the news of Musa’s scholarship award to study at any university in the US. Ovie was the one who first told Musa’s story.

Ovie disclosed that the scholarship comes with a job offer for Musa’s father from the sponsors.

Additionally, the sponsors committed to donate N1 million to his mother’s company and support his siblings’ education.

In the post, Ovie said;

“Ronchess Global Resources will employ Musa Sani’s father also and give the mother N1m to start a business while getting the family a new apartment.

The company will pay for the boy’s siblings to attend school, and Musa will be awarded a scholarship to study in the USA.

The governor of Borno State, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, gave Musa a N5 million scholarship to support his secondary school education in the meanwhile, in response to his creation.

Governor Zulum disclosed that the Chairman of the State’s Education Trust Fund (ETF) had given Musa a check for N5 million that had previously been given to a private school in Borno.

A 13-year-old Nigerian boy who used clay dirt to construct a duplicate of the Borno flyover bridge is awarded a scholarship to study civil engineering abroad.

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