Eight (8) Signs With The Meaning Of Dating And Being In Love

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Many young individuals mistakenly think that dating and being in love mean the same thing.

Dating someone does not imply that you are in a romantic relationship with them. You can still decide to date someone if you need financial support, familial obligations, or a sense of community.

Some people go on dates to get popularity.

All of those are dating.

Knowing the definition of dating and the distinction between dating and being in love will make it much simpler for you to comprehend when your heart beats for love rather than for want.

Dating’s definition is the process of getting to know someone and developing a relationship with them.

Dating is the period of time and place that you create in the anticipation of falling in love and committing to someone.

But if you’re still unsure of where you fit in because you’re confused, look for the indicators listed below.

A person is said to be in love with somebody if they have a strong and lasting attachment for them.

It could be at first glance or over the drawn-out process of conveying something important. Together with the vision of the future,

Observe this dating definition.

Meaning of dating: Dating is the practice of attempting to develop a closeness with a person (trial and error).

It means that dating may not be something serious, but it can be just a relationship without the picture of having a future together, but just a moment together.


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You are attracted to the person: You can’t love someone you are not attracted to no matter how much you try. So attraction is the first magic of being in love. You love almost everything about the person: most times people happen to be in love even without knowing it from the very start therefore at times, it takes them months, years, etc before they discover.

He or she is not the only nice person around you, but he or she is the only one that is perfect around you.

You are jealous when you see him/her having fun with the opposite sex. You feel like it supposes to be you and not the other person.

The truth is that no matter how you want to run away from it or denied that you are not being in love with the person,

You see yourself thinking of the person even when you don’t want to, but you can’t help it.

You smile or freak anytime you see the person or just hearing the person’s name or voice: Yeah, this one is the most common symptom of being in love.

Have you ever had a crush on your boss or colleague before? If you have, you will get to understand how frustrating that can ever be. freaking in front of him or her especially when he is talking or smiling with people, and you staying from afar to imagine the smile etc. haha

When you crush or you are in love with someone, you end up seeing yourself smiling at the person even when the person has not even noticed you just yet.

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When you miss him/her even with the person or a minute after departing from each other may be on phone, chat, face to face hanging out, etc: You just want to be with her or him at all times, you just can’t take him off your head. That’s all because you are in love with the person most than you can tell.


Although dating someone from the start before being in love with the person can still work but it will take a lot of work either from your end or from your partners end, to establish the love.

So these are the few points that can easily tell you if you are in love with someone or if someone is in love with you.

No missing/phone calls: If you can stay a whole day or week without missing him/her because he or she hasn’t crossed your mind for a minute. It doesn’t even look like the person exists in your life.

Excuses: you turn down his/her request of hanging out together by giving some unnecessary excuses all time. If you love someone that you are dating, excuses will not be necessary because even you want to hang out with him or her as much as he wants to also.

Just a friend: You present him to your friends as “is just my friend” especially in the person’s absence.

Being ashamed to tell your friends about your partner, simply mean that you are not sure or proud to have him or her in your life, therefore to avoid your friends from talking or laughing at you, you decided to introduce him to them as just a friend of yours.

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Irritation: almost everything your partner does irritate you. When you are in love with someone, you will love if not everything about them but at least 60, 70% of everything about them. Therefore give no room to irritation.

Disturbance: you ignore his /her calls sometimes because you see it as a disturbance/distraction. Calls at times means that the person cares and also thinks about you which means you crossed someone heart at a certain point in time.

Absence of jealousy: you are not jealous even if you see him/her with someone else.

Breakup: always looking for faults to use as a reason for a breakup.

Feelings: you see yourself being attracted to someone else, you start developing feelings for that person while you are still dating another person.

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