Doyin speaks on the reason she will not undergo BBL surgery

BBNaija star, Doyin says she’s not under pressure to undergo BBL surgery as her brand is based on her intellect.

She said this while speaking on an interview with Punch Saturday Beats.

Doyin speaks on why she won't undergo BBL surgery. Credit: Doyin/ Instagram.

According to Doyin, she hasn’t faced any humiliation for being a slim lady and has, as a result, never felt any pressure to enhance her body.
The reality star and podcaster stated that her brand doesn’t depend on how she looks but her intellect.

“I have not faced any pressure or discrimination as a slim lady. Looks do not really matter, because my brain does everything. In my opinion, the BBL trend is fading out. My brand is not based on how I look; it is based on my intellect and what value I have to bring to the table,” she said.

Doyin speaks on why she won’t undergo BBL surgery. Credit: Doyin/ Instagram.

Recalling her stay in the BBNaija house, she also spoke on what she would do differently, she said:

“I would be more confrontational because I have now realised that it is best to confront issues at the moment so that people don’t think one is a pushover.”

Doyin also clarified a recent remark she made during one episode of her podcasts, where she said that educated and uneducated people shouldn’t date:

“The chance that it will work is very slim. I think they will have communication issues. Also, educated and uneducated people do not have the same priorities. I believe education shapes how one reason, communicates, and one’s approach life.”

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