Don’t Ever Raise Your Hands On Me Again In Your Life, Else It Will Be Over Between Us – OOni of Ife Third Wife Tobi Phillips Finally Voice Out

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The Ooni of Ife’s third wife, Queen Tobi Phillips, has made it apparent that she is not interested in continuing their union.

Phillips, who rose to fame after winning the 2012 competition for World Miss University Africa (WMUA), said in an interview with TVC that she would not put up with her man abusing her in this way.

One of the new queens, Tobi Phillips, insisted that the Ooni of Ife’s physical contact with her would be her deal-breaker.

She said:

“My deal breaker is that you never touch me. If that happens, the game is over. And he (the Ooni of Ife) is not like that. If you and your partner can communicate and share your likes and dislikes, and you respect each other. That way, you won’t get to the point where you’re fighting. Because you can easily call your husband and say, ‘I don’t like this,’ and vice versa when something happens.”

Further, the queen revealed that, despite being an excellent cook, she does not cook for her husband.

She said:

“I like to cook. I cook for myself. I am a fantastic cook but he has a chef. I don’t cook for him.” 

Tobi Phillips had previously broken her silence since marrying the highly regarded Yoruba monarch.

The most recent Queen celebrated the occasion with her first official speech and shared beautiful self-portraits on Instagram.

In the post, Queen Tobi Phillips thanked everyone for their support and for being patient with her while she got married to Ooni.

She continued by stating that the only thing that is constant in life is change and that she is adjusting to her new job as the wife of a monarch.

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She wrote:

“Grace, Gratitude, n Glamour. Change is inevitable…. Thank you so much for your patience and well wishes… We transitioning”  

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