Don Jazzy shares a video where a woman locks husband’s trouser with big padlock

Don Jazzy, a well-known music executive and singer, has shared a video where a woman was closing the trouser of her husband with a padlock.

In a “mischievous” video that she posted online, the Mavin CEO advised women on the newest method for controlling the excesses of their cheating partners.

Don Jazzy shares hilarious video of woman closing husband's trouser with big padlock
Marvin boss, Don Jazzy. Photo Source: Google

The man in the video was getting ready to leave when his partner decided lock the trousers with a padlock while he stood there with a backpack and didn’t say anything in protest.

His sitting partner made the decision to use a large padlock instead of buttoning his trouser, so she asked the man for the key, who reached into his pocket and gave it to her.

Don Jazzy responded to the video by speculating that the women might have merely been familiarized with a modern approach to reducing male infidelity.

He engaged his female audience members by asking if they would be willing to try the same trick on their partners.

Can you do this to your cheating partner, Ladies, see update o? he wrote.

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