“Do not associate your happiness with your triumphs.” – Simi Gives Fans Advice

“Do not associate your happiness with your triumphs.” – Simi Gives Fans Advice

“Don’t tie your happiness to your victories” – Simi Simi, a Nigerian sensational singer, has advised her fans not to associate their joy with success in life.

The “woman” singer took to Instagram stories to share a heartfelt message with her fans. She stated that being oneself is the most difficult thing to do, but it can feel as if the person is dying on the inside.

However, while at it, fans began to ask if she was fine.

She wrote,

“Toughest thing to do is not be yourself. It’s like you’re dying inside little by little. Until you forget what it feels like to really be alive.

Responding to worries from fans, she wrote,

“You people I’m ok oh. I was just dropping gems like normal normal na Eve. This wasn’t about me. It’s about all of us. Bhetttt THANK YOU for the love and prayers always.

“Make today count. Ok I am going. I love you.

“Actually, one more thing. Don’t tie your joy to your wins. You deserve joy regardless of what you don’t have yet, because everything passes. Stay happy always That company should find me Imao really going this time. Bye all”.

Earlier this year, Simi who is married to Adekunle Gold, revealed why male colleagues are more privileged than females while performing on stage.

According to the mother of one, when male singers perform, they do so without heels and makeup and when they start sweating they can remove their shirt without even thinking about it. Simi declared this as being ‘privileged.

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