“Did you marry for love or because time don dey go?” – Speed Darlington interrogates DJ Cuppy (Video)

Popular rapper and comic, Speed Darlington questions billionaire heiress Florence ‘Cuppy‘ Otedola about the reason behind her getting married.

Speed Darlington Cuppy marriage

The abroad-based musician has in the past expressed his admiration for the disc jockey and had been embittered after she announced her marriage proposal with white lover.
Following her marriage proposal last year, he had queried the motive for her getting hitched with her British beau, Ryan Taylor.

Speed Darlington doesn’t appear to be letting up on his demand for an answer as he continues to quiz Cuppy.

Cuppy speed Darlington

In a new video which surfaced online, Speed Darlington enquired why she had decided to get married now.
He said that he hopes that Cuppy got married out of love rather than pressure being mounted on her by family or because she feels time is no longer on her side.


Watch him speak below:

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