Daddy Freeze hails Wizkid after he was spotted wearing Wristwatch worth N232 million

Controversial radio host Daddy Freeze recently congratulated Wizkid, a popular musician in Nigeria, on his N232 million Rm030 wristwatch.

Wizkid watch

Daddy Freeze, who is open about his love of high-end wristwatches, stated on his Instagram page that it’s best to spend money on the accessories now for future advantages.
“@fakewatchbuster recently validated @wizkidayo’s Rm030 as authentic,” Freeze said alongside a photo he shared on his verified Instagram page. Best wishes, Big Wiz! Big Success!
When this watch was first released circa 2012, it cost about $150k. Today, 10 years later, a used one will sell for almost double that price.
Watches are a good investment! How many houses doubled their value ‘in Dollars’ within that same time frame?

Yes, houses tripled in Naira but can’t match anything hedged to a dollar.

In 2011 a U.S. dollar sold for 165 Naira so this watch would have been worth about N25 million. Today, with the dollar exchanging for over N800 that same watch at the current price of $290k would fetch N232 million Naira.

As yourself honestly, how many properties that were worth 25 million in 2011 would today sell for 232million?


Buy property, it’s safer and more secure, but when it comes to investing, consider adding a Rolex daytona stainless steel to your portfolio and thank me later. (The current waiting list for the stainless steel daytona is anything between 2 and 4 years and would more than double in value in USD immediately it’s received).

Don’t invest in watches if you don’t own a home. Remember, watches can’t shelter you.

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~FRZ “

This is not the first time Nigerian starboy, Wizkid is showing off his luxury accessories.

He was also spotted shinning with his new iced out timepiece from London jeweler, Joseph Frost.

The dazzling gem is worth a whopping $1.2 million that’s over 430 million in naira.

The popular singer fondly called Babanla shared a footage of the new watch on his social page.

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