Cynthia Morgan surprised people, preaches against premarital $€x

Nigerian rapper, Cynthia Morgan otherwise known as Madrina has stirred reactions online with her stance against premarital s3x.

The controversial rapper, via her Instagram story, insist that the one thing she agrees the most with in the Bible is that s3x is only meant for married people.

Cynthia Morgan
Nigerian rapper, Cynthia Morgan

Noting, how we all sin and fall short of God’s glory, out of ignorance or knowing too much, she emphasized that s3x is meant for married people alone.

She wrote, “If there’s one thing I agree the most with in the Bible it will be that s3x should only be for married people. I know… We all sin and fall short of his glory either out of ignorance or even i2no. But sincerely s3x is/was designed for married people. Thank you.”

Cynthia Morgan
Screenshot of Cynthia Morgan’s post

In reaction, social media users concurred with her as they noted how her message was filled with facts.

See some reactions gathered:

Sonita Virtuous Girl wrote, “She actually stated the fact, there is no justification to this thing

Adelakun Tufayi wrote, “Of all languages in the world, she chose to speak FACT!

Pookie wrote, “Said by someone who is dressed in such a way that will cause s3xual arousal in men. Yeah, she stated fact, very true.”

Tobiloba wrote, “That’s the truth. Fornication and adultery. Even if it’s missionary by either hanging legs, is a SIN”

Frank Of Port Harcourt wrote, “As much as we’d wanna justify why we should have s3x before marriage, this lady just stated a Fact”

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