Cristiano Ronaldo is to leave Manchester United with immediate effect by mutual agreement, which club will grab him, Chelsea or Arsenal?????

Breaking news as Manchester United terminated Cristiano Ronaldo’s deal..

A lot of reports circulated during and after Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan, some of his fans love the fact that he said his mind while some Manchester United fans became angry that he disrespected Manchester United.

There were comments like, let him go to wherever he wants to go, some said no player is bigger than the club and lots more, which seems to have cause a lot of disruption to the club as a whole.

And Manchester United have now reported that Cristiano is leaving the club with immediate effect base on mutual agreement.

Possible destination

At the moment one can’t be sure exactly of where he will go from Man united but if we are to look at the rumors flying around recently, Chelsea or Arsenal may be the next destination For Cristiano.

We wish him all the best wherever he landed..

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