Could this be true? Toke Makinwa opens up on scary encounter “How a witch called me at 2A.M” (Video)

Toke Makinwa, a media celebrity and actress, has ignited the internet with her true-life account of her encounter with a witch.

Tania Omotayo discussed how a witch phoned her twice on an episode of her podcast, Toke Moments with Tania Omotayo.

She claims that the elderly woman, who identified herself as a witch, informed her that many people were bringing her names.

Toke stated that when she didn’t pick up the witch’s call, she called back at an odd hour.

“True story, someone tried to approach me, but they failed to realize that in the church, I go by the name Iya Ijo.

I was summoned by an elderly woman from Ile Ife who claimed to be a witch.

When I ignored her request to call back, she called me at two in the morning.

She informed me that she was receiving my names from others.
Toke Makinwa discusses her struggle to become famous.
In other news, Toke Makinwa revealed how she had to struggle mightily to become the person she is today.

The top TV personality and OAP went down memory road while commemorating 2022 Women’s Day.

She talked about how she struggled to become who she is.

“Struggling so much to become HER. Greetings for International Women’s Day. A boss”.

She had just made a startling admission about her life in which she explained how she had been an orphan at the young age of eight.

Toke Makinwa shared her experience on her verified Twitter account, writing: “29 years ago today, I buried both parents, age 8, not really comprehending what was happening as I witnessed the two most significant persons in my life dropped in the ground. All I can say is that, 29 years later, Jireh, you remain sufficient—forever, consistently, and more than sufficiently.

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Toke speaks on her relationship

On her relationship life, Toke revealed how her past trauma made it difficult for her to find love.

Taking to her Instagram story, Toke appreciated her creator for not giving up on her.

She thanked him for seeing her through her broken state and saving her for the best.

Toke pondered where she may have ended up without God.

She observed that God reserved His best for last.

I tremble to think of where I would be if God had abandoned me. “I’m just so glad that God did not give up on me even though my prior trauma made me tough to love, he saw through my broken still.”

He left the best until last.

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