Cheating is not a big deal, It’s only right for a Christian man to pray for his cheating wife instead of divorcing her- Writer Alabi says

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An author and creator named Oyinkansola Alabi has addressed the perception of unequal treatment of Christian men and women.

She claims that while a Christian wife with a cheating husband is normally expected to pray for him, when the roles are reversed, the man immediately dumps her.

The techpreneur feels that the husband who discovers his wife cheating should be a good Christian and pray for demons to leave his home rather than pursuing a divorce.
Alabi questioned in a tweet whether divorce was still against the will of God or whether it was only permitted when a woman was at fault.

Christian women have been sentenced to WAR ROOM for years to pray for cheating men but the moment a Christian man catches his wife cheating, he divorces her.

Can’t he pray too? Can’t he bind the demons that want to destroy his home? Or has God stopped hating divorce?,” she wrote.

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