CDQ involved in serious car acc!dent, battles for l!fe (Video)

Popular rapper, CDQ battles for his life after being involved in a ghastly accident that badly damaged his car.

Details surrounding the incident at the time of writing is currently unclear, however videos fast making the rounds online shows the singer’s ruined car.

CDQ involved in ghastly accident, battles for life
CDQ involved in ghastly accident, battles for life. Credit: CDQ/ Instagram.

Snapshots and clips from the scene has shown that his car rammed into a wall, leaving the entire front and bonnet of the car destroyed.

It is gathered from sources online that CDQ is currently at the hospital receiving emergency medical treatment and surgery from medics.

One video showed him lying on the hospital bed looking motionless as he was x-rayed by the radiology department.

Fans and colleagues have said prayers for the safe recovery of the musician.

Watch the video below;

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