Brilliant Small boy Melt many Hearts as he uses old plates to make set of drums, produces good music (Video)

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A little child with musical talent has impressed people online with a set of drums he fashioned out of recycled dinner plates.

The child was visible on the drum as he mounted it and made excellent use of it in a brief video posted on Instagram on December 8.

His ability to generate a lovely sound and move his hands quickly made it clear that he was skilled.

The most amazing thing the little boy did was the way the drum was made using the old plates.

The video first posted by Zijian Tang showed that the boy used old plates and disused cans to make the drum for himself.

People are impressed by his dexterity and his refusal to be limited by circumstances. 

Social media users thronged to the comment section as they hailed the gifted little boy with his new innovation and producing a good music from it.

Watch the video below:

Some reactions are shown below:

fashionably_vee said, “Definition of “use what you have to make it work.””.

tweetskitchen said, “This is what they should be showing on tv  so kids can see what creativity is about. And learn to be appreciative of the things god has blessed them to have. Example That 5 year old Drum set  they look down upon saying it is outdated while Looking for the newest model. ”.

sam_zenjibar91 said, “In Africa is normal. We have so many talents. I love my continent”.

belen.m.vizcaya said, “No hay excusas! Querer es poder!  There is not excuses! If you want you can do it!. Amazing!!”

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ivan.ludger said, “Our creativity must be nurtured ”.

mega_heggz said, “Talent dey suffer We need a Government that will save our talented citizens by investing in their diverse talents”.

princess_beatrice_ said, “My Africa, my motherland ”.

drew.chalkdesign said, “Who is this boy ? Let’s send him a drum kit !”

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