Breakups really sucks – Davido’s 4th baby mama Larissa speaks about pain of a heartbreak

The fourth baby mama of artist Davido, Larissa has shared some pain she went through after she experienced a breakup.


A few weeks ago, Larissa took to her Instagram story to reminiscing about her life and shared how her 20s has been a very confusing moment in her life.

Taking to her official Instagram page , Larissa has opened up on how she pulled through breakup in the past and how she suffered.

According to the mother of one, she has experienced painful series of “friendship breakups”, which has helped her personal growth. Moving forward, Larissa reiterated that the pain has taught her a lesson and won’t settle for less.

“Breakups are hard until you realize you were only holding onto the idea of what that person could’ve been instead of accepting who and what they are right now.”

“It’s Friendship Breakups that really suck, but it’s good for growth. l only want what’s best around me” Larissa added in cryptic post.”


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