Bella Shmurda has spoken according to reports, demanding for the arrest of Naira Marley & Sam Larry

Bella Shmurda, a Nigerian artist, has asked for the arrest of his colleague Naira Marley and his partner Sam Larry in connection with the death of late singer Mohbad.

According to reports, Bella, Mohbad’s close friend, urged for the arrest in a statement put on X, stating that the singer’s spirit has not allowed him to rest since his death.

The dead, according to the singer, filed many petitions against Naira Marley and his friend, but the Nigerian police were motivated by nepotism and a lack of interest in the case.

Bella Shmurda went on to say that he will fight for justice in this case by whatever means necessary.

Bella pen this: “For the past few days now, have been deliberating on what to do while for the authorities of the Nigerian police of at least get one or people involved in maltreatment and malicious act towards Mohbad

“Since he died his spirit have not left me saying a lot of things in my head pointing hands to people that needs to be dealt with in my dreams I got to Canada just few days before he died which I make I went to see him I tell him my plans before leaving as per my g as usual I’m here to see my family nd also kick start my tour but I can’t anymore I’m not mentally in shape for it nd I will be back in few days but regardless Mohbad submitted lots nd lots of petition against this people nd act towards him complained shouted. But the Nigerian police are so driven with nepotism nd non challant atitude toward this matter until this boy is no more.

“In the past few days have tried my best not to carry phone and type anything but Mohbad spirit won’t let me rest knowing I’m the only one make his spirit calm by making those of them who make him live in fear and almost with nothing to feed on never also get rest and he don start yes I mean wahaLa just wan start like this I NO GO GREE nd I mean it Samlarry nd whole marlians music must be arrested make all of us Dey police nd if the Nigerian police too weak as body to fish this people out we do it street,legal or illegal any which way like this war don start

“If they all ran out the country which shows that they’re actually guilt of whatever crime were said to have committed by them then it’s they’re guilty nd they all know they should never come back nd they should ban from entering the country for life.

“Seyi tinubu you’re the face of youth in this country nd I know you’re a man of diligence nd integrity pls activate before we go street on this matter. Police station no go contain all of us Ajeh!!

“If una like make una pack una family member do tribute song first release his catalogue nd unpaid royalties legally. Then we start fresh discussion about other things she goat with British accent

All of una wey Dey der wen things Dey hapun wey Dey form gang gang. Una just jam wahala I know all of una is better una travel no come back for life bcos hmm ‘anyways boys don Dey street. Sha everybody go feel am

“Pounds for pounds,flesh for flesh. Whether u be aiye oo,eiye oo,or sealords whatever it may be this boy sang for make us happy, jubilate,think,rejoice supported even while is in pains nd living in fear now it’s our time to do our part for him I want everyone with one voice let get him justice all hands on deck #justice for Mohbad fish dem out legal or illegal

“As Mohbad always say imolenization. Fun won ni pressure”

Naija news reported this also….

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