Bella Shmurda explained the reason he stopped working at noodles factory

Bella Shmurda, a popular Nigerian singer, shared the reason for quitting his job at Dangote’s noodles factory in Lagos.

He revealed that a tragic incident occurred when one of his colleagues fell from the company’s building into steaming industrial oil, resulting in the colleague’s death.

His statement: “It was like a Saturday morning. I went to work. We started working already. We just heard everybody screaming that someone fell into hot oil.”

“He was cleaning the roof, so he fell down. In the factory, there is this oil that the Indomie [noodles] pass through to get hard because it is actually soft. It will pass through the oil to get hard, then it will come inside the nylon, and then you will pack it inside the packet.

“So, the guy fell inside the oil. It took long before they brought him out. Guy, him don fry. Omo, that day ehn, the clothes wey dem dey give us, I just off am, off their shoe, I just dey go. I said I no dey work again.”

This sad event led Bella Shmurda to immediately quit the job, as he couldn’t bear to continue working under such circumstances.

He revealed this heartbreaking incident during a recent interview with Cool FM Nigeria


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