Bayern Munich 1-6 Eintracht Frankfurt: Initial Reactions and Observations

Bayern Munich defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 6-1 at the end of the game.

Just before the match

There are queues! Julian Nagelsmann deploys Bayern Munich in a 4-2-2-2 system with no alterations (as predicted by most outlets before the game). Will this lineup outperform its performance against Leipzig? Or will it be revealed? We’ll just have to wait and see.

As far as Bundesliga openings go, this one is hard to beat. Bayern Munich will meet defending Europa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt in front of 50,000 of the league’s most raucous fans. It should be spectacular.

Of course, the goal for Julian Nagelsmann and the players remains the same. No matter what, keep winning. Any blunder is a tragedy, and any moment of weakness will be felt by the audience and the media for weeks to come.

Bayern Munich players, according to Thomas Muller, do not win games to taste the triumph; they do it to have a peaceful Sunday. That is the type of pressure we are discussing.

The standards have not altered even without Robert Lewandowski. Indeed, with the addition of great talents like as Sadio Mane and Matthijs de Ligt, the expectations for the next season are sky high. Let’s see if the team can live up to the expectations.

First half match details

Sadio Mane appears to have been at Bayern Munich for a decade. Never before has a player made such an easy transition into this squad. What a fantastic signing he is.
Jamal Musiala is still cooking. This child is definitely unique.

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Serge Gnabry is benefiting greatly by Mane’s presence. The Senegalese striker appears to give Gnabry more confidence in his game, resulting in a noticeable improvement in performance.

Eintracht Frankfurt has completely given up on the midfield. It might as well not exist at all.
Right now, 4-2-2-2 appears to be the best option.

Second half of the match

So either Frankfurt missed the bus today or Bayern Munich is the genuine deal. Not to get all Rio Ferdinand on you, but Nagelsmann’s 4-2-2-2 formation may be on to something. More information is required.

Dayot Upamecano appears to be the defender we spent $40 million for. Throughout the game today, the Frenchman was fast, calm, and collected under duress, and he made numerous key interventions to prevent Frankfurt from scoring. Overall, a good outing.
Manuel Neuer’s poor start to the season continues. Is he starting to feel his age?

The golden kid is Jamal Musiala. I can’t believe it took managers so long to give him regular starts; he’s one of the finest players at this team right now.
Bayern Munich slowed down dramatically in the second half, indicating that the fitness is still lacking.

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