Arsenal should not sign Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo advises Chris Sutton

Arsenal should not sign Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo advises Chris Sutton

Arsenal should resist acquiring Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo, according to Chris Sutton. Following his shocking interview, the Red Devils are ready to trade him.

As a result, the best teams in Europe, including Arsenal, will be connected in January. Sutton, on the other hand, has encouraged Arsenal to prevent another Aubameyang issue.


Piers Morgan, a British journalist, has stated that the entire interview with Cristiano Ronaldo would be released on Wednesday and Thursday. He has, however, shared portions of the video’s talks.

In the brief video, he criticises Manchester United’s management and ownership. As a result, sources say that the Red Devils are set to terminate his contract.

As a result, he was connected to a number of prominent European teams. Arsenal was also on the list of related teams. However, no confirmation has been received.

According to the rumour, Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag does not want him back in the first team after the World Cup. As a result, the Arsenal rumour is not going away anytime soon.

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Arsenal, according to rumours, is one of the teams keeping an eye on the issue. However, Chris Sutton has stated on Twitter that the Gunners would not pursue a Ronaldo move. He has stated that the Gunners must prevent a repeat of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s scenario.

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In his last days at Arsenal, Aubameyang became a thorn in the side. As a result, he was permitted to leave for Barcelona during the January transfer window last season.

Chris Sutton’s perspective is valid. This is because, in both cases, Ronaldo and Aubameyang attempted to demonstrate that their stature was greater than that of the club. As a result, Arsenal must avoid signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

At the moment, the current form of Ronaldo means that the clubs will only benefit commercially if anyone signs him.

However, Arsenal’s main signings in January are a right-winger and a midfielder. So the Gunners’ prospects of signing Ronaldo are nearly nil. Another issue is that Mikel Arteta is attempting to lower his team’s average.

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