Arsenal has finally waved goodbye to Granit Xhaka as he joins Bayern Leverkusen

What an epic moment for Granit Xhaka in Arsenal, and now he has finally departed from the Gunners.

He was signed by the legendary coach Arsene Wenger from Bundesliga because of his quality, the strength, leadership and his brilliance generally.

So many fan failed to see all of his quality that he brought to the team, not until certain time that few observed that when he is not playing, Arsenal find it so difficult to control the midfield which leaves their defense open.

His coaches were not all wrong to trust him so much than many of the Arsenal fans would have trusted him.

He had a bad time with the fans at a point which made dropped the captain hand band and almost making him quit Arsenal.

However, Arteta came in made him change his mind which saw him performed beyond the expectations of so many people.

At the end of last season when it was all rumored that he was leaving the Emirates, the fans sang his name after his last game at Arsenal last season singing,

Granit Xhaka, we want you to stay, we want you to stay.

Arteta has gave him his blessings saying goodbye to him.

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